remote sensing solutions

Optimising agriculture with the power of satellite technology

Kleffmann Digital has evolved from the Kleffmann Group – until 2019 a world leading company for agricultural market research. Based on thirty years of experience in agricultural research, with its deep understanding and knowledge of agricultural processes and farmers demands, Kleffmann Digital uses the power of satellite technology to provide highly innovative solutions for farmers and agribusiness. Among these are the well established and market proven solutions MyDataPlant and CropRadar.

MyDataPlant is a precision farming platform, based on processed satellite data, for those involved in the agronomy of crops allowing them to regularly monitor and analyse their crop development.

With FOX you can keep an eye on all farm processes and have control over your business like never before. It’s simple and user-friendly. Make your company fit for the future with this new Farm Management System!


CropRadar is an unrivalled cutting-edge product for highly accurate crop area estimation using AI and machine learning to analyse remote sensing satellite data.

AgXpert is the international network of independent and experiences consulting companies dedicated to enhanced agricultural market intelligence. The goal is to assist client decision making by providing evidence-based agricultural insights derived from advanced technologies and trusted methodologies on a global scale.