Taking precision farming to the next level

Kleffmann Digital RS and exatrek agree on partnership for development and sales

The combination of machine and satellite data represents key a milestone in the further development of a resource-efficient digital agriculture. To achieve this goal, Kleffmann Digital RS and exatrek, two proven specialists in their respective fields, now have joined forces to form a long-term partnership.

The use of satellite data for digital arable farming has made variable rate application (VRA) accessible and affordable for most farmers. The integration of precision farming solutions such as Kleffmann Digital’s MyDataPlant to enhance cultivation machines, enables farmer to adjust application rates of seed, fertilizer and crop protection precisely to the different growth conditions within a given field. However, whether the machines actually deliver the specifications with the desired precision is still complicated to answer.

With its manufacturer-independent solution, the company “exatrek” offers easy access to this machine data – operating hours, position data, application data and many other key figures are recorded fully automatically with the help of the exatrek T2 telemetry module and made available to the user online in evaluated form.

Intelligent linking of machines, sensor technology, analysis and software

Only the combination of satellite and machine data enables an objective comparison of target and actual values and thus the certainty that the concept of satellite-guided precision agriculture really works. Burkhard Kleffmann (CEO Kleffmann Digital RS): “We are aware that we are setting a high standard for the quality of our precision farming solution with the evaluation of the return data. If we really want to achieve the ambitious EU goals in terms of sustainability and at the same time achieve high yields and a good income for farmers, then we must be absolutely certain that our technologies really do deliver the desired results”. Dietrich Kortenbruck (CEO exatrek) adds: “The key to digitisation in agriculture lies in the simple and userfriendly networking of machines, sensors and software. Only in this way can the use of inputs be reduced in the long term and the associated stricter documentation regulations be complied with.”

However, quality assurance and documentation are only the beginning. Over time, the cooperation between the two Westphalian-German companies and the resulting combination of machine and satellite data, should lead to a range of applications that simplify cultivation management and provide farmers with completely new tools for the economic and ecological professionalisation of production.

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