1.8 million ha harvestable maize are in Romania in 2020

Latest news from CropRadar: A severe drought in July 2020 in Romania led to a strong decline in the harvestable maize area. Only 1.8 million ha of the originally sown 2.5 million ha of maize were still on Romanian fields at harvest time.

Especially the south of Romania suffered most. Here is an example from Dolj region between the villages Vartopu and Corabia, where CropRadar identified the maize areas. On the left picture the maize crops (green field) are clearly visible. Due to the extreme heat in July, however, most of the well-established maize fields dried up, as shown on the right picture.

With CropRadar, Kleffmann Digital RS has developed its own satellite-based system to provide detailed results of cultivated areas of various main crops from different countries.

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